Los Niños Menu

Los Niños Menu

£6.95 for 3 Tapas

£7.95 for 3 Tapas & Dessert

includes a glass of orange or apple Juice, cordial or milk

Tiny tapas

– choose 3 dishes from the following options

*Garlic bread – with or without cheese GF* V

*Pan Catalan- garlic bread topped with fresh tomato GF* V VE DF

*Mini Buenos Nachos – topped with melted cheddar, tomato salsa & sourcream (guacamole optional)GF V

*Pasta Tubes – served plain or choose 2 from the following – butter/grated cheese, tomato sauce V VE DF

*Albondigas – homemade meatballs served in a rich tomato sauce DF

*Chicken Fillet Goujons – wrapped in golden breadcrumbs and deep fried GF*

*Grilled Halloumi – served with cherry tomatoes GF V

*Calamari – with garlic or plain mayonnaise GF* DF

*Mac & Cheese – the old favourite! V

*Fries/Chips GF V VE DF

*Peas & Sweetcorn GF* V VE DF

*Cucumber & Carrot Sticks GF* V VE DF


Cheshire Farm Ice cream GF V – ask for today’s flavours

Chocolate Fudge Brownie V GF –served warm with vanilla ice cream & drizzled with hot chocolate sauce

Churros – Spanish style doughnuts V – dusted in sugar served with a gooey chocolate dipping pot

Crema Catalana V GF* – classic Spanish baked custard served with homemade shortbread